The Mighty Neuron

If you want to build a quantum computer – copy the neuron topology and architecture of the brain. The best computers are made of meat.

We have been stuck in the von Neumann opcode and operand memory stored-program computing model since 1950 or earlier – over 70 years! Digital algorithm resolution can’t matriculate to a quantum solution — time to kick digital to the curb — it became popular mostly because of the ability to provide encoded error correction techniques put forward by Shannon and Wiener … long ago when transmission and execution errors were a problem – not much anymore. In analog computing, the errors are voted on by consequential inertia. The mob rules by taking all paths at once – as quantum computing must do, utilizing feedback loops, potential accelerators, and dampers with some chaos added to the mix… like the neurons of the brain, no? Building a computer like the human brain is not an easy task… The Intel i7 contains 1.5 billion transistors (logic gates) and every one of our brains has over 100 Billion neurons (potential gates) … and neurons can learn and create new solutions based on changing inputs.

Onwards and upwards mighty neurons! 

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