5th Generation (5G-whiz) wireless control and access


Regarding the “race” to 5G (5th Generation wireless technology) – You don’t have to believe in cancer-causing “stuff” – Ask why ITU (International Telecommunications Union) will not endorse an independent study regarding the health issues of millimeter-wave radio technology? Read the medical reports on millimeter-wave damage and consequences from leading research teams around the globe. Kids will die.
The emerging Central Operating System (CtOS) architecture will be deployed as nefarious centralized applications like facial recognition, collected everywhere by the world governments, along with a file on each face recognized … to push political agendas. The business intelligence regarding our location and product/lifestyle proclivities will be a money-making bonus.
Can you imagine, using this technology and the observed data to recognize a child in school having difficulty with a subject – and know there is a psychological condition – home life stress, family health concerns – whatever – and then, with empathy, provide a platform where learning and self-confidence improves, and the improvements are measured and recognized. Can you imagine? It could be done – but we choose to weaponize instead. What a waste of human potential.
5G is not a business race – it is a race between governments to hit the motherlode of social intelligence. The first one to get there – wins. Also, 5G, especially supported by the Elon Musks of the world is key to global access to everything server related. Tens of thousands of satellites are planned to be deployed, providing almost ubiquitous millimeter-wave Radio Frequency saturation of our planet.
Imagine the use of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) coupled with autonomous weaponized drones running on military 5G? A drone swarm is akin to a weapon of mass destruction and is unstoppable by conventional defense systems.
This is the push for 5G – it has nothing to do with our refrigerator talking to our toaster. It is a central government and military establishment wet dream IMhO. That is a sad place to be.
We have a choice regarding the use of technology – to be used for the benefit and aggrandizement of a few – fostering divisive, intrusive, exclusive, and monopoly monetized strategies, or for the benefit of all living beings – fostering inclusive, nonintrusive, kinder, sharing strategies. We could be so much better than we are by simply caring more. I am becoming more cynical about us, in this instance transcending greed. It may take a world disaster to bring us back from the place of arrogance in which we find ourselves. We need to think higher and be kinder. I have included a link to Scientific America written on Oct 17th, 2019 by Joel M Moskowitz.


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