An artist’s greatest fear? To be average.

Average is as average does.

Excerpt from The Alters

Angela looked at him and could not help but laugh. “Oh, so that is it, you finally have become horny? Is that why our music is suffering so much? You need to get laid?”
Adam looked at her with a scowl. She did not have to be so cruel or so crude.
“I need to have someone to be with me – stop making it sound like I am some animal in heat who has lost control.”
“Adam,” Angela said a bit softer with a bit more sympathy, but, not liking the prospect of Adam having one girlfriend, “If you choose the route of the little wife and the picket fence and the house in the suburbs, you will forsake your gift. An artist’s greatest enemy is to become average! Average people are everywhere, and they are a boring and miserable lot. You and I are different” she continued, “we have been given the gift of music and it is our duty to the arts to let the music rule us.”
“For God’s sake Angela,” Adam said with the same scowl as before, “I don’t want a wife, I want a wench!”
“Adam, haven’t you noticed the bevy of young women flesh always swooning when you are near them either here at the academy or when we are on the road?”
“What are you talking about?”
“I am talking about your groupies who follow you everywhere you go. You are too dense in your music to realize the power you have over some women. Any number of them would gladly fuck you or give you a blow job just for the chance to talk with you and spend some time with you.”
Adam was dumbfounded. He had noticed young women at his concerts but had no idea they were interested in him for anything other than his music.
Angela was correct – some women looked at him as if waiting for him to give the command on what was expected next.
“So, I could have had sex with those women after the concerts?”
Angela looked at him, and nodded “Yes, your music is power, Adam – it is an aphrodisiac to some of us, including me.”
Angela looked to see his reaction to her last statement.
“You would have sex with me, Angela? Is this what you are saying to me?”
“I am almost twenty Adam, you are almost seventeen, and though you are younger than me, I have felt times when I would have done anything for you, just to be close to the source of the music you make.”
“I am a slave to your gift as well as a slave to my own,” Angela said quietly bowing her head slightly towards Adam.
Adam felt for the first time his power over others.
“Will you be my wench Angela?” Adam asked with a smile.
“Yes!” Angela exclaimed, “But it must be between us only. Can you imagine the ruin of my reputation if it got around that I was sleeping with you? I know for one thing our parents would never forgive me and believe me I would get the full blame since I am older.”
“Angela, you are always so worried about what others think.” He laughed. “Didn’t you just tell me it is an artist’s duty not to be normal? Shouldn’t we be doing as many abnormal things as possible?”
“Will you promise to be discreet?” Angela asked with a humble tone to her almost trembling voice.
“Only if it does not affect my artistic abilities” Adam smiled.
Angela moved over to where Adam was standing in the empty playing room. “If I give you my body will you give me your music?”
“Yes,” Adam said as he reached over and touched Angela for the first time.

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