Dungball beetle economics

The guy with the biggest dung ball is the best, no?

Unfortunately (in my opinion) our planet is bent on pushing the idea that material wealth is the best measure of a successful human being.
We idolize the rich as if they have reached the highest point in our Darwinian hierarchy – the peacock position, to which we should aspire as if there is nothing higher.

The sticky stuff – the stuff of four lower dimensions – money, land, and dung, all in sequential motion – most times selfishly and sometimes ruthlessly obtained – is a lie of higher purpose (in my opinion).

Are we here to amass money and material stuff? I think not and am not alone in thinking not. Are we interested in improving the quality of life for all – or just for our family and tribe? How do we change our course?
First, in all situations, be kind. I try to live in a field of thinking higher.
I believe we can change the world through conscious acts of kindness.
Easier said than done –  but doable nonetheless. 
We need a new word to describe a new ideology which has spawned from unregulated Capitalism – ‘Corponism’ – where the corporation has the same rights as any individual born as a human being – global in scope – with deep layers of lawyers – who protect the rights and profits of the ‘Corponation’ – where decency and compassion are seen as weakness and naivety – where money and profit are the only metrics for a successful existence – where digestion of people and natural resources is the right of the Corponation in its pursuit of satisfying the shareholder’s need and greed for more.

Communal thought is the only recourse compassionate human beings have to change the Corponism ideology.

Thought is the builder and thought based on Love, will move a mountain – will change the world. Thought emanates then animates the four dimensions below.

We will transcend.  Thinking higher, being kinder –

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