Go away… make room for the new.

Nature has a way of letting you know you have overstayed your welcome …

Nature has a way of letting us know, we have overstayed our welcome – moved beyond our ‘best before’ date.

Time is elastic, outside of the ‘second by second’ living, involved in each of our lives.
We don’t recognize time is moving faster as we get older (though we do feel it) – a second is still a second, and we stay in sync with the younger ones – until they laugh at us and call us dinosaurs.
Their utility of newer things outpaces our own – but the older ones know our wisdom has grown.
Wisdom is a by-product of faster moving time. We see the consequences of our connections, and we can think and dwell upon them – some delightful – some regrettable – all true within this instance of our experience.

At the end of the roll – we were who we were – we did what we did.

Now – we are who we are – we do what we do.

We are comfortable – like the proverbial, old shoe.

Our time moves faster as theirs will too. We are stuck in a cycle of hurry up, all of you!

Make room for the new.

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