I thought I was weird – then I found Immanuel Kant.

Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” was the first thick book I read cover to cover (making copious and cryptic notes on the white space edges of many pages) because I finally found someone who thought like me.

He used pure reason to prove that a cause a priori emanates then animates the defining structures of the a posteriori knowledge and structures, meaning there is an underlying creation from which all solid dimensional constructs are built. An example would be, mathematics has its own rules and consequences, outside of any discovery or application, a mathematician may find or use. The laws and nuances of mathematics predate the mathematician.

I believe thought is the primordial builder (outside of time) upon which all solid dimensions exist (inside of time).

We get caught, believing in only the structures, living only within the group of physical laws defining the structures, (solid-state physics illusions).

Every construct contains the logic of its corollary, destruct.

What we put together – we eventually pull apart, in our constant quest to move higher.

We are lulled to believe there are no structures, except our thought animated structures, existing only inside of time. He concluded all knowledge begins with experience. I disagree with him here since I believe all experiences begin in thought. Knowledge is the product received, from living all consequences created by the choices we make.

Immanuel believed the time-space structure is the carrier of our existence – I believe our existence is the carrier of the structures, I believe thought emanates, then animates the four dimensions below.

Immanuel Kant is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he was very important to me. His observations and writing made me feel less weird, a priori.

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