In time – tedious time

The sun comes up

Another day begins

People everywhere,

Within the light,

Move on their way,

To live another

Group of moments

In life.

Time – tedious time,

A master of each task,

The laws of sequence,

Observed and lived,

By all sequential beings,

Feel the sun,

See the moon

Captured at a tick-tock pace,

Searching for meaning.

A single thread,

Stitched through events,

Quantum entanglements,

Like stepping-stones

Placed one by one,

A sequential thread, of


In a field, of

Fabrications, self-serving


Embellished manipulations.


 Change sequence, forcing

Consequential paths,

Bereft, of

Substantive reality.

Deceptive layers.

Blankets of

Depravity, form a

Skein, of

Space and time.

We have the choice to

Grow or wither, to

Fly or slither, to

First be kind,

Think higher?

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