Love lets go

While writing a text to a cherished friend,

Explaining myself, in a quandary again,

Losing cohesion – causing me,

And therefor us, to look upon our path,

Possibly find another route,

Maybe walk apart,

Finding first ourselves,

Then getting back to us.

Sharing our caring for two short years,

Finding we liked, then loved one another,



Cuddling on the couch,

Watching a movie – later the news,

Wrapped up in our blanket,

Our cocoon against the world,

Holding and touching,

Sharing private and intimate moments,



As one.

As time seeped through,

I realized,

The difference in our age,

Different chapters,

Different page,

I had to let you go,

Be on your way,

To live your life

With someone else,

Not me.

Deep down I know

You also knew.

Fly my love.

I love you.

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