I went into a bar in Kingston, Jamaica

Driven by policemen, after asking for directions

Two stages – wooden tables – lots of chairs.

“A Red Stripe please”

Cameras held by patrons, taking pictures of the strippers

Who gladly posed in all directions,

Gladly showing all aspects of themselves.

Dancing to a Reggae beat, tied to creation.

I looked and analyzed this place of theirs.

“Another Red Stripe please”

Suzette started dancing before the other stripper finished,

Two black colored bodies were moving to the beat,

That matched the heat.

Suzette put her Soul into it, she gave in to the moment,

Forced me to acknowledge her presence and her passion,

Her eyes were like two laser beams,

Blasting my defenses,

Suzette – you took me further than the flesh.

Your body moved to the

Beat – Beat – Beat!

“Another Red Stripe please”

Don’t stop the music! It’s like a heartbeat! Don’t stop the music,

It feeds your movements – don’t stop your dancing!


You’ve touched me now!

“Another Red Stripe please”

Suzette, you’re special – I think I love you…

You take the message further than the flesh!

Suzette, you’re special – I think I need you,

You go beyond the dance –  I want to take you home.

Suzette stripped till she was naked, moving beyond the music

The patrons swallowed hard, including me.

I watched four thousand workers on plantations picking cotton,

I saw their sweat and watched them work their dance,

I saw the sun beat on them as they worked the white man’s promise,

I watched them praise our Lord and sing out loud.

“Another Red Stripe please”

Suzette, I could not leave you – without first talking to you,

I called you over to me – told you – you were special,

One of God’s most beautiful creations.

“Will you come home with me?”

And you said, “Yes!”

“Two Red Stripes please”

We smile together, as you sit upon my lap, your essence moving,

In a rhythm of creation – your eyes look through me – as if I wasn’t there,

Just another body chair.

“Come back with me tonight?”

And you said, “Yes!”

Suzette, you brought the moon into our presence, into our conversation,

Forced by higher reason – or so I rationalized.

And yet I had to have you…

___________ ____________ ____________ ___________ ____________

The phone rang – I was asleep – your voice brought me conscious again.

“I am in the lobby – come for me.”


I got up, walked down the hall, rode the elevator – met you in the lobby,

Walked you to my chamber – you showered, then

Joined me on my bed.

You were a Moroccan princess in your white lace sexy garment,

You asked me to touch your hair, your face, your breast.

I said, “Yes!”

Suzette, you are one of God’s most beautiful creations,

I responded to your influence, as the tides do with the moon.

 I filled you and I filled you in a rhythm of creation,

Your body danced with me, 

This time you danced with me,

Not the imaginary lover, you danced in nakedness

Upon the wooden table, with all the patrons watching,

Some even take pictures of your sex.

I moved above my gonads, as I spent myself inside you,

I spent myself inside you, then did it once again.

You chanted in a rhythm that is basic to creation – like ten billion Souls

Before you – and we satisfied our gonads with our sex.

As I lay beside you, I put my arms around you, I kissed you for your presence

Hugged you for your essence, thought of tides and moons,

Waves rolling onto shorelines – in a rhythm of creation,

The sun rose – opened-up another day.

I watched you walk away from me, Suzette,

Back to your life – away from mine.

We promised a connection, then

You walked into your life, away from mine.

As you walked, I thought about your spirit, I know I was correct

In my first impression of you.

You are one of God’s most beautiful creations,

Such a beautiful creation, I had to talk with you,

To know your skin and heart.

An older woman passed us, as you were leaving,

Her eyes were full of Love, though she looked tired,

As if she’d had five million children – fed them from her breasts.

She had smile wrinkles, like sun rays engraved around her eyes.

As she passed,

Her lips opened to a smile, showing missing teeth.

As she smiled upon us, her eyes were full of knowing,

From a life filled with hardship.

I smiled back and let her go, to continue with her life,

Without my interference.

I realized Suzette – she may be an older you,

Still, I let her go.

My gonads did not share a higher view.

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