Writing the book is only the first chapter of the process!

Having lived the process of writing a book in the genre of Literary Fiction, Metafiction, Existentialist Fiction, and Quantum Fiction – Over 104,000 words – I realized the shallowness of my presentation – not based on the depth of the story, but rather the shallowness of following the rules of English Composition. I learned that editing is as important as writing.

When I felt my draft was complete, proud of my achievement – and publishing it in that state – imagine my horror, as I rubbed the full content against a purchased software writing application – I had over 1,000 English 101 errors and over 1,000 serious story anomalies and errors – “WHAT!?,” was my response.

I took a full two weeks and fixed every basic and advanced error – tedious and painful at times — and when I finally was rewarded with a green stamp by the software – I republished it again. It was a better read.

Since that time, I have republished two times more – finding more errors missed by the software edit application. Being a one-man-band is not the best way to proceed, but I learned so much!

A professional editor is for sure the best route to go – but what do we learn from taking that route? One advantage of Amazon publishing is you can replace the entire content of your book, putting your edit revision level on the copyright page – and your book is always available.

I am happy going through this journey and have gained a better understanding of content cohesion following the rules of structure and presentation.

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