Congratulations C&W Antiqua – the first telephone company in the world to offer subscribers internet service. (Your welcome :) )

Twenty-five years ago today on 14 July 1995, Antigua & Barbuda launched its dial-up Internet service. Cable & Wireless Antigua & Barbuda—now trading as FLOW launched at the Royal Antiguan Hotel, now the Royalton. Many attended the launch and signed up in anticipation of getting connected to “surf the net”.

APUA provided the telephone lines used for dialing into the modems at a whopping speed of 14.4kbps. Antigua offered a public Internet service before its Cable & Wireless head office in the UK.

The picture below is Alan Scholl, Kevin Joseph, Colin James, and the General Manager Mark Macfee at the official launch

Note from Ian.
The first telephone company in the world to offer internet services to subscribers – Contract signed by me on behalf of my company Internet Associates International Ltd – my selected subcontractors – Sprint, Telecom Canada, Motorola, 3Com, Access Technologies, Sun Microsystems, and Solect Technologies International — Our customer Cable and Wireless Antigua. I also designed the initial network architecture – enabling a telephone company to become an ISP writing the first business plan as the road map execution. In retrospect – I would not have brought Solect into the mix – I should have gone with Fujitsu ICL in Jamaica.
At the speed of greed, Solect took it all and gave themselves pats on the back for being such great entrepreneurs. Lots of multi-millionaires in that group of geniuses.

Altruism is one of my greatest strengths or weaknesses – depending on which side of ‘Be kinder – Think higher’ you are on. I am a catalyst – as I wished to be from the time I was a child – and also the poorest smart guy I know.  Material wealth is an oxymoron in my world. So poverty of peacockery material, when you could be a peacock, is a statement of a deeper character, realizing humanity and kindness are more important than monetary wealth. Every child is our child is easily said, but almost never practiced.

It is all good. I am where I should be – doing what I am doing.

The material gains of a lifetime are non-consequential when compared to the spiritual gains of a chosen ‘lovetime’.

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