Cortex in the vortex … entangled from the start

In the 1960’s neuroscientist, Paul McLean put forward a macro model of the brain with a 3-layer hierarchy – known as the triune brain.
Each of these layers created in different stages of evolution.
1. The oldest layer we share with lizards and probably dinosaurs too. This old layer takes care of survival issues like temperature and hunger. If it is too cold – shiver. If hungry – eat. The heart beats — the lungs or gills collect oxygen. Body survival. A bit boring, no – but the key to survival in a harsh four-dimensional world. Sometimes referred to as our ‘lizard brain’. I think this is the lower three gland brain. Gonads – sexual procreation, Pancreatic Cells – digestion and blood sugar enzymes, and the Adrenal – be a hero and fight that thing or do the four-leg runaway and fight another day. The brain stem connects within the spine – we survive in four dimensions, within a vortex of cause and effect.
2. The ‘middle time’ part of the brain started in the mammalian branch of evolution. Feelings and tribal loyalty – ‘we are the best – the elite – god is on our side – we are the alphas – our tribe is better than your tribe – serve us, or die’. The start of social cohesion – The Limbic System – social hunters, primate bipedal benefits, alpha males and alpha females – ruler and subjugate – master and slave. We have found emotions – good and bad – and at this time we are protective of our social strengths – family – religion – country – ancestral lineage. Other mammals found this too — the power of the pack and in some cases territorial boundaries – dolphins – elephants – wolves – lions – baboons, and more. I think this is indicative of bringing the thymus gland into the mix of the lower three. Strength is in tribal social cohesion. But we love our mothers and children too – and our god is the only god.
3. At present – the third layer of our triune brain has manifested in primates (including us), cetaceans (dolphins and whales), and Elephants to a greater degree than other mammals. The cortex, like the bark of a tree surrounding the lower layers, consists of discreet lobes: The frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe, and the occipital lobe are like African village huts – containing specialized assessors, interpreters, and manipulators – neurons all.

The frontal lobe is growing – primates, dolphins, whales, and elephants, first to produce spindle neurons, we are evolving towards a kinder and higher place – empathy is the will of creation. The thyroid and pituitary glands come to play with the lower four – plotting a course to transcend into the pineal – the protocol converter – the portal to and from pure thought. Photon neurons transcend the cortex in the vortex – individual thought resonates as a communal oneness as we choose kindness over cruelty – empathy over divisiveness – love over hate, and as we do the four-dimensions collapse – no longer required and the instance of this universe, ends.

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