Feelings don’t do Math

Kindness is the greatest gift we have the option to give one another. It is our choice to be kind or cruel and we own the consequences of each choice – to help or to hinder – to hug or hit.

Kindness is not a function of mathematics. You can’t prove things like – E=mc²

As in:

Empathy = (Morality) x (Compassion)²

Kindness does factor into outcomes, based on humanitarian responses – as a manifestation of compassion and empathy.

These ideas, which exist – observed by multitudes, every day, are not the purview of physicists – though many give kindness freely.

It is a thought construct. Communal thought is the builder.

Thought emanates, then animates our pursuits and responses, our actions, and consequences.

It is difficult to define the mathematical construct of thought or kindness.

Feelings don’t do Math.

First, be kind – think higher

Passage, from the novel, “The Alters” Author – Ian Lenathen

Consciousness emanates then animates the four dimensions below

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