Loving our ex

Loving our ex.

Love is a complex construct when advantage, manipulation, and control are part of the current experience – where we live and meet the current consequence together, in a sometimes cruel and tedious sequential adventure, in which we are glued together for a specific period of time, and in the words of Meatloaf, we sometimes find ourselves praying for the end of time.

This is the challenging part of the lesson we choose to experience on the coil of difficult circumstances and consequences – we try to love each other, in spite of adversities, and mutually launched passive-aggressive hit jobs.

When finally disentangled, we have time to reflect on the experiences and lessons painfully and joyfully learned together. This love is easier to express since it is the culmination of all we have done together, looked at from a cooler and less involved place.

If we did not kill each other during the temporal entangled tryst, we do call when our ex is in a difficult spot, to tell them how much we care. We wish only future happiness, This is an easier yet deeper response based on all we have experienced together. We have given each other the gift of time together – which once spent, can never be reclaimed – except in both painful and joyful memories, recalled silently in nostalgic thought.

Some parts never disentangle, maybe. We are loved. ❤ and they are loved too, still (and always).

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