Author Ian Lenathen

Open mind; Open heart.

Born in Scotland, then emigrated to Canada with his family, as a seven-year-old - Ian Lenathen, always a curious thinker, bringing original and critical thinking to eclectic conversations. A long-distance swimmer - a computer and internet technology exemplar, an intuitive empath, a poet and seeker of compassionate, and empathetic contemporaries.

As a world traveler, Ian has visited over forty countries, gaining many close and loved friends around the world. Ian includes the knowledge, tolerance, and wisdom gained through his travels, within the location, theme, and plot of his novels. Ian's hope is to die young at an old age.

There is always more to do if we choose to do it.

The Alters

The story of Sarah and Adam - spiritually entangled born at the same time, in Baton Rouge and Toronto. Sarah, an empath savant - Adam, a quantum savant - both fully functional autistic-like and gifted sequential human beings. The characters in the story are psychopaths and saints. Nasty and nice together. Some situations are dark, but in the final events and instances of our four-dimensional experience, light is always a possible consequence.

We have the choice to transcend - the choice to choose kindness first, in all situations. The Alters contain sexual encounters since we are sexual beings too. Gentle sex - cruel sex - as we salute the needs of our lower three glands.

Your perspective of purpose may be altered as we move from our Darwinian prison defined in four dimensions, towards kinder and higher experience.

We possess the ability to escape these chains of blue skies if we desire to do so. It takes a leap of faith.

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